Covid-19 Statement

With the inception of the Coronavirus pandemic in early 2020 and subsequent changes this has made to our business model. It has been necessary for us to make changes to our operational strategy to safeguard both ourselves, our staff and most importantly our guests. From our proposed re opening we have implemented the following changes and enhancements to our procedures at Suffolk Yurt Holidays which we hope will no impact on your enjoyment of you break with us and will give comfort to our guests in the knowledge that we are doing everything possible to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

  • If you or any member of your group do show symptoms of Coronavirus within 7 days of visiting us then please do isolate at home and contact us directly via either telephone or email to re schedule your booking
  • A copy of our terms and conditions including our revised Covid procedures will be sent to all guests prior to arrival which must be digitally signed and returned prior to arrival
  • Upon arrival check in will be socially distanced and at which point you will be briefed on our procedures to allow our business to be Covid secure
  • We reserve the right to carry out temperature checks to any persons showing symptoms of Coronavirus
  • We have enhanced our cleaning regime to our Yurts to included full sanitisation and disinfectant fogging between guests, alcohol sanitiser and disinfectant wipe will also be provided in each Yurt for your comfort
  • In our shared facilities we have enhanced our daily cleaning regimes to include full sanitisation with disinfectant fogging being carried out at regular intervals during the day
  • Bathrooms have changed from male and female to family bathrooms and have a strict procedure to be followed when using which will displayed at the entry sanitisation point along with further anti-bacterial sprays and wipes within. We request that you only enter these when the sign shows it is free to promote social distancing and also maintain uppermost levels of cleanliness and hygiene when using these facilities including cleaning of all touch points upon exit to prevent any spread of the virus
  • Shared kitchen we request this is only used by one family at a time and all surfaces and touch points to be cleaned once you have finished. Regular cleaning & fogging will take place during the day. All food is to be stored in your cupboards or discarded in the waste bins provided
  • External eating areas have been reorganised to promote social distancing and must be cleaned after use by guests. Sanitisation points are located at the bar & kitchen for your use. Regular cleaning & fogging will take place during the day
  • Social distancing is always to be maintained at the bar area, all bottles are cleaned prior to stocking the fridges when getting drinks, getting drinks, ice creams or using the coffee machine pleas sanitise your hands before and afterwards. Regular cleaning & fogging will take place during the day
  • When using the play area, honesty shop / information area & play barn please maintain social distancing from other families. Regular cleaning and fogging will take place during the day but would ask you sanitise yourselves before an after use at the stations provided
  • When using the fire pit please maintain social distancing from other families